Futuristic architecture, an idyllic destination that transports you to the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, Mansa Floating Hub is not just an entertainment center. It is THE cultural hub of all Africa and the diaspora.
Inspired by Cape Verde’s cultural and environmental resources, the vessel was designed and built by the famous architect Kunlé ADEYEMI. It is an adaptation of the MFST (Makoko Floating System), a modular and prefabricated floating timber construction system based on nature.
Mansa Floating Hub is the meeting place of African culture. It was designed to attract influential creators and industrialists to the diaspora and across the African continent for collaboration, knowledge sharing and economic development on the African continent.

The idea behind this architectural masterpiece is to create a platform that brings together all African and diaspora creatives. It will therefore be a place for them to work, collaborate with other creative people, participate in mentorship and development programs in order to value their talents to ultimately promote it on the continent and elsewhere.
The floating vessel consists of a set of three buildings of different sizes that will host a large multi-purpose room, a professional recording studio and a service bar.



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